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Color Harmonies

The concept of color harmony involves arranging colors in specific patterns on the color wheel. These geometric arrangements can often lead to aesthetically pleasing color schemes.

Using Spectrum, you can easily compose color harmony based schemes, as described below.

Color Harmony
The image above demonstrates the following:

Harmony Rules: Click on one of the harmony rules to activate it. By default, the Freeform mode is active – that is, no harmony rule is enforced and all swatches can be independently changed.

The Pivot Swatch: The pivot swatch is the “independent color” in the scheme. You can freely rotate it and change its length. All the remaining colors (the “dependent” swatches) automatically re-arrange themselves based on the active harmony rule. To make a swatch the pivot, double-click on it in the color wheel.


Notice that when you’re in color harmony mode, the bold solid line on the color wheel always indicates the pivot swatch, and not the active swatch. You can always tell the active swatch by the indicator light beneath it.