Powerful Archiver For Mac OS X

Over 30 supported formats including zip, 7z and rar

Create + Extract + Preview + Modify + Encrypt + Convert + More.

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The latest version is v1.6.0 [What's New] for OS X 10.6 or newer. Try it free for 15 days.
Peek Inside

See what's inside

Instantly see what's inside your archives without extracting them.

Quick Previews

Use the Preview feature to take a quick look at the files inside — just like you would in Finder.

Very Versatile

Support for parallel extractions with queuing

Add, delete, rename and move files inside archives

Automatic and manual extraction modes

Support for AppleDouble metadata

Smart character encoding detection

Keyboard shortcuts for power users

Designed For Mac

Finder Integration

Create and extract archives directly from Finder using Entropy's Services integration.

AppleScript Support

Build automation scripts for creating, extracting and inspecting archives.

Drag and Drop

Drag files to and from Finder to extract and create archives — it's that easy.

Pro Features

Much like your Mac, beneath Entropy's simple and intuitive exterior lies a powerful core. You can fine tune and customize most of Entropy's behavior to maximize your productivity.


Built-in Password Management

Entropy can securely remember your archive passwords for you.

Auto-Detect Edited Files

Entropy can automatically detect and update files that have been edited in an archive.


Create an easily accessible list of your commonly used archiving settings.


Bookmark your frequently used archives into a searchable collection for easy access.

Fast Mode Switching

Toggle between automatic and manual extraction modes using keyboard shortcuts.

Smart Format Detection

Mystery archive format? No problem — Entropy can figure it out based on data signatures.

Powerful Crypto

Support for multiple encryption algorithms and header encrypted archives.

AppleScript Support

Automate your archiving and extraction tasks using scripts and Automator apps.


Create a set of rules for automatically filtering out unwanted files from an archive.

Services Integration

Access Entropy's capabilities from other apps, including Finder.

AppleDouble Forks

Entropy properly extracts and merges embedded AppleDouble resource forks.

Integrity Verification

Verify the data integrity of your archives without manually extracting them.

Compressed Tarballs

See the contents of the nested archive without decompression.

Quick-Save Mode

Create archives with a single click.

In-archive Search

No more extracting the entire archive just to get that one file. Search and extract the files you need.

Supported Formats

7z apk arj cab chm cpio
cramfs deb dmg fat flv gzip
hfs iso jar lzh lzma msi
ntfs rar rpm sit squashfs tar
tar.bz2 tar.gz tar.xz udf vhd wim
xar xpi xz z zip zipx

All the formats above can be unarchived. In addition, the highlighted formats can also be created and modified.